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The Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation Inc. was founded in the U.S.A. by William Garner Sutherland (W.G.S.) in 1953.

He studied directly under Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. at the American School of Osteopathy (Kirksville-Missouri). The complex relationship between cranial bones aroused his curiosity.

He suspected there was mechanical mobility between these bones and he began his research by first trying to disprove this theory. He was not able to do so and he then pursued his research into functional disorders induced by squeezing different parts of the skull.

In the beginning, his observations were severely criticised by the medical world, which perceived the skull as a closed box.

Later on, his conclusive experiments were recognised.

His therapeutic concept consists of treating tissues and fluids. This concept made a lot of progress during the following years and is still doing so. It is undeniably fundamental to our inherent capacities of self-regulation.