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Our aim

Welcome to the site of the SCTF Belgium - asbl.

Head office : rue du Chene au Corbeau 77, 1380 Lasne.
Secretary's office : Westmeers 22 - B 8000 Brugge.

During our cranial studies in the USA, our American colleagues and members of SCTF - USA, suggested that a similar teaching foundation should be set up in Belgium.

This was done and the SCTF-Belgium was born in 1995.
Its main aim is to carry on the teachings of Cranial Osteopathy as it was taught by W.G. SUTHERLAND D.O. Our courses are available to osteopaths, medical doctors, dentists and orthodontists.

In order to maintain a high standard, we work in close collaboration with American Osteopathic physicians who also design our courses. This allows students to be taught in cranial osteopathy without the expense of having to travel to the USA.

Ours members

Who are the members of the foundation?

They are qualified osteopaths (D.O.), members of the Belgian Society of Osteopathy and of the GNRPO listed Osteopaths.

Board of directors :
  • President : Daniel RONSMANS D.O.
  • Vice-President : Tom DE LILLE D.O.
  • Secretary : Danny DEBOUVER D.O.
  • Treasurer : Luc LECOQ D.O
  • Christian DE BRABANDERE D.O.
  • Pierre DUBY D.O.