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Famous names of American Osteopathy have been associated with "cranial" teaching.

Doctors Howard LIPPINCOTT D.O., Rollin BECKER D.O., John HARRAKAL D.O.FAAO and Michael BURRUANO D.O. have been SCTF Presidents after WGS himself. The current president of the SCTF in the USA is Doctor Melicien TETTAMBEL D.O.FAAO. She is actively contributing to the teaching set up in Belgium. All the osteopaths with a cranial practice are grouped in the Cranial Academy, in association with the American Academy of Osteopathy. Since 1995, the group SCTFB has run more than 20 courses with the help and contribution from the following skilled lecturers:

  • Dr Michael BURRUANO D.O.
  • Dr Andrew GOLDMAN D.O.
  • Dr Kenneth GRAHAM D.O.
  • Dr Stefan HAGOPIAN D.O.FAAO.
  • Dr Louis HASBROUCK D.O.
  • Dr Edna LAY D.O.FAAO.
  • Dr Paul LEE D.O.FAAO.
  • Dr Edgar MILLER D.O.FAAO.
  • Dr Herbert MILLER D.O.FAAO.
  • Dr Daniel MOORE D.O.
  • Dr Melicien TETTAMBEL D.O.FAAO.
  • Susan TURNER D.O. (UK)
  • Dr Douglas VICK D.O.